U.S. Attorney (SDNY) Damian Williams and his boss USA Merrick Garland are facing career-ending allegations of Jim Crow era prosecutorial misconduct in the Ware cases.

Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney (SDNY)

IRNewswires Public Corruption Investigations Group

Meredith Kammler, LLB, LLM, Ph.D., Int’l Investigative Reporter

November 1, 2021

London, UK

The DOJ is facing an unprecedented threat to its public integrity and credibility.

A major crisis is brewing in the USAO (SDNY) and within the Washington, D.C. DOJ headquarters according to sources with the U.S. Justice Department. Apparently, according to the sources that spoke under conditions of confidentiality, there is an internal debate ongoing within the DOJ regarding whether or not to fully comply with the Brady Court Orders entered in the Ware cases.

The disagreement according to the sources is whether the New York federal courts will actually hold the DOJ in criminal contempt on behalf of Mr. Ware, an African-American? IRN was informed that high-level DOJ executives are of the opinion that because Mr. Ware is an African-American, the federal courts will not uphold the law regarding criminal contempt, and will:

“ … never allow a black lawyer [Ulysses T. Ware, Esq.] … to hold the DOJ hostage regarding a court order no matter even if the USAO withheld Brady exculpatory and impeachment evidence … that is not the policy of the New York federal courts … and has never been ….”

If this statement is true, which IRN has no reason to believe it is not true, then the issues in Mr. Ware’s cases are tremendous systemic issues that are much bigger than that case. Rather it shows that a two-tier imbedded Jim Crow system of justice actually exists in America as is widely believed: a white system where the rule is law is upheld, and a non-white Jim Crow judicial apartheid system of justice that is imbedded in the very fabric of the American criminal justice system.

There is every indication that confirms that such Jim Crow 1960’s era two-tier justice system does actually exist. One needs to look no further than Mr. Ware’s cases. Without question the federal judge in the 05cr1115 (SDNY) case, Williams H. Pauley, III, entered “bogus” and “illegal” leave to file sanctions as the evil and criminal means to obstruct justice and conceal the Government’s “principal witness” Jeremy Jones illegal cooperation agreement and “bogus” and “fabricated” Rule 11 plea agreement from being discovered by the public and Mr. Ware.

Judge Pauley entered the “bogus” leave-to-file sanction in clear violation of the due process of law, and the “error-prone” Edgardo Ramos, while lacking all Article III and 18 USC 3231 subject matter jurisdiction over the proceedings, has refused to adjudicate any of Mr. Ware’s pleadings. A clear-cut case of Jim Crow judicial apartheid jurisprudence in the Manhattan federal courts.

The DOJ and the USAO are being placed under intense public scrutiny and their actions are being looked at concerning the equal protection of the laws for all Americans, not just white Americans. It appears that American has not come as far as it might think with respect to race relations and the fairness and equity of its administration of the criminal justice system. Perhaps public exposure of the palpable crimes committed by DOJ prosecutors and federal judges will open the eyes of the American media to exactly the sorry state of affairs the American legal system is in.

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