NYC “Error-prone” United States District Judge (SDNY) Edgardo Ramos

IRN’s lawyers have obtained copies of Ulysses T. Ware’s latest filings in the ongoing public corruption saga between the USAO, Mr. Ware, and “error-prone” NYC federal Judge Edgardo Ramos. According to persons interviewed by IRN’s investigators, Judge Ramos is universally acclaimed as “.”

Just filed in the courts is Mr. Ware’s Emergency Application for Brady Order Disclosures (51B) and a Proposed Order (51C) submitted to Judge Ramos for action “not later than August 3, 2021, at 12:00 noon. Time of the essence.” Mr. Ware has trapped Judge Ramos and the USAO on to a sure path to the bottom of the abyss. Mr. Ware astutely discerned that as the prevailing party concerning the Brady Orders entered in the prior litigations, 04cr1224 and 05cr1115, as a matter of law he has the absolute legal right to enforce the commands of the Brady Orders against the USAO. Which spells bad news for acting U.S. Attorney (SDNY) Audrey Strauss, AUSA John M. McEnany, and Judge Ramos.

The records evidence produced by Mr. Ware overwhelmingly implicates Judge Ramos and the USAO in the conspiracy to cover up Alpha Capital, AG (Anstalt)’s , as confirmed and certified on May 17, 2021, by FINRA’s executive legal counsel in a sworn document, Doc. 306.

Judge Ramos sealed his fate on July 28, 2021, when he tempted Fate and entered his ultra vires order, Doc. 304, without following former Justice Scalia’s instructions to the federal courts, to “first” as a “threshold issue” confirm the subject matter jurisdiction of the court over the claims before proceeding to the of the claims. Being “error-prone,” Judge Ramos did just the opposite, charged full speed ahead, looked into the abyss, without slowing down, dived in headfirst, and is now in free-fall without any means of escape. His monetary and penal fates are sealed.

According to American law, one of the few times a federal judge can be held monetarily liable is when he or she “acts in the clear absence of all jurisdiction” over the claims and proceeding. Judge Ramos clearly, without hesitating, acted while knowing that FINRA on May 17, 2021, certified that each of the 02cv2219 (SDNY) lawsuit’s plaintiffs were , and therefore, lacked all standing to have filed the 02cv2219 lawsuit; and conversely, the 02cv2219 district court ipso facto lacked all Article III subject matter jurisdiction to have entered an order (GX-11 and GX-24) or judgment (GX-7) in 02cv2219. Which sealed the USAO’s and Judge Ramos’ collective fates.

A competent, unbiased, impartial, and thoughtful United States federal judge “first” would have acted to be sure the court had the authority to adjudicate the Government’s comical claims filed in Doc. 250 before rushing to look into the abyss. Judge Ramos had absolutely no regard or respect for the law, for Supreme Court precedent, or for the abyss that he now finds himself trapped in. The abyss does not forgive being tempted by hubris and avarice.

However, what is even more questionable about Judge Ramos’s judicial misconduct is why a United States federal judge would be so steadfast determined to cover up indisputable facts that can be readily obtained and verified from FINRA? Judge Ramos had a judicial duty and obligation once the issue (a jurisdictional issue) was raised by Mr. Ware to “first” contact FINRA and determine whether or not Alpha Capital, AG (Anstalt), and the 02cv2219 plaintiffs were in fact registered as broker-dealers on or about “February 2001” as alleged in the 04cr1224 indictment. Had Judge Ramos had the intelligence and competence he would have, to be safe, . Had Judge Ramos done that he would have found that he and the court lacked all subject matter jurisdiction over 02cv2219 and implicitly over 04cr1224; and he would have, perhaps, saved his less than stellar judicial career. However, now, all that is gone. Judge Ramos’ judicial career is over, he is likely to be prosecuted, impeached, and sentenced to a very long prison term (+25 years) for being very sloppy and not adhering to details. An “error-prone” federal judge.

But the question of what motivated Judge Ramos to tempt Fate, to seal his fate, and challenge the abyss remains unanswered. Moreover, IRN’s lawyers have learned that Judge Ramos is also the judge assigned over the , 18cv08175 (SDNY) (ER) matter that involves, guess who? You guessed right. . Alpha has already tapped out of that case and agreed to the entry of a consent final judgment for doing what the USAO charged Mr. Ware in 04cr1224 for not doing: issuing bogus and fraudulent Rule 144 legal opinions to enable an illegal unregistered public offering of restricted securities.

If the SEC charged and prosecuted Alpha Capital with securities fraud, and Alpha Capital agreed to settle the before Judge Ramos, that fact alone should have informed and alerted Judge Ramos something was amiss regarding Mr. Ware’s 04cr1224 case. Rather than conducting the proper and required judicial investigation of Alpha Capital, AG (Anstalt), and the other 02cv2219 plaintiffs, Judge Ramos showed his true colors, incompetence, bias, prejudice, and partiality in favor of Alpha Capital and the USAO, and blatantly in bad faith trampled on Mr. Ware’s “fundamental” constitutional rights to due process of law. Sealing his (Judge Ramos’) fate in the process. Fate is not kind to frauds, especially frauds of the judicial persuasion.

(Julius Caesar)

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Ulysses Thomas Ware

Ulysses Thomas Ware

Financial Engineering Investment Banker

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